How To Measure

Buying a lampshade is like buying a pair of shoes,the best way you can come up with a winner is to try them on for size.

Bring your lamp base with you for a proper fit…If this is not possible,measure:

_________ (A)Top    _________ (B) Bottom

_________ (C) Side   _________ (D) Drop

All of our lampshades are measured by TOP X BOTTOM X SIDE

1) The height on all round shades are measured
on the outside slant (not the center height)

B) The height on all ovals are measured at the
outside slant of the ends.

C)The height on all panel shades are measured
at the outside slant of the corners.

At eye level,the bottom of the shade should cover the bottom of the socket.

In most cases,your harp determines where the shade sits on the lamp base.

If the shade doesn’t fit properly,a new harp will probably solve the problem.Knowing the dimensions of the old shade could be enough,but it does not guarantee a good fit.